The Players

Don Swigert- Don can be heard playing mandolin, lead guitar and backup vocals.....a very versatile, brilliant musician.

Dallan Santos- One of the only professionals in the mix, his lead guitar, back up vocals and production advice are invaluable.

Steve Payetta- Another great guitarist, especially on slide. (also, he baptized me, thanks Steve)

Greg Stevens- Wonderful song writer (Windowed Room) and versatile guitarist, Greg rocks the house.

Etta Kron- Etta sings backup and keeps an eye on Arvid.

Snake Hips Smitty- Great source of enthusiasm...Snake Hips is now 91 and rides around in his convertible with his hair blowing in the wind. When asked what helped him endure the rebellious youth of his son, Willy Makit, he replied without hesitation, " Love."
   (Our Dad Harry passed away on 10/14/10 and will be missed dearly.......Those of us with faith see this as a temporary situation. (Acts 24:15))

Ted Smith- (Willy Makit) Ted writes most of the songs and plays most of the instruments. He's extremely grateful for any help that his friends have given him to build solid, fun, upbuilding songs. Ted has performed with Boz Skaggs, Paul Butterfield, Elvin Bishop, the New Riders of the Purple Sage and Kathy Sledge..